William Hinton Rum

Madeira's Lost Spirit

The island of Madeira started the sugar culture at the same time and of its colonization in 1425. The Hinton family dominated the sugarcane sector during the second half of the 19th century and first half of the XX century due to its developed industrial unit that got to process 600 tons day.

It is still an old column of the old Hinton mill that currently produces this careful spirit in a brand recovered by a direct family member because of the affection he had to the sector. Currently the brand besides devoting itself to the production of its new Rum is committed to its aging.

The rums

Limited Edition

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6 years

This rum has a slightly dark brown color. Its entry into the mouth is slightly sweet, with a balanced acidity. Standing out the wood flavor and balance to nuts.


White crystalline Rum. In the palate it shows its fullness and naturalness, by the fresh and herbaceous notes, sugar cane well present in the proof, long mouth end and spicy.

Single Casks

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Whisky Single Cask, Brandy Single Cask, Madeira Single Cask, Portuguese Fortified Wine Single Cask, Spanish Fortified Wine Single Cask


Our 6-year-old rum, carefully aged in French oak barrels, has been blended with a 25-year-old rum, certainly one of the last rums to be produced at the old Hinton Mill facility, the latter was also subjected to a new aging process in our casks for another 3 years.

Finally, the product that resulted from this unique combination of rums of different ages was subjected to a final stage with a duration of 9 months.


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Natural, 9 months, 3 years


Very particular rum whose genesis resulted from the selection of the best sugar cane that Madeira Island has to offer and its juice was subjected to a special process of prolonged fermentation.

After all the necessary characteristics were gathered, the cane juice was distilled and later aged in our French oak barrels

Vermute Meio–Doce 'Moot'

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The semi-sweet vermouth MOOT, is a product whose base is an aged Madeira Wine with a maceration of aromatic plants typical of Madeira Island and some spices. It is a truly Madeiran product, perfect for all occasions, refreshing and versatile. Should be served with ice and lemon, or as inspiration for cocktails.


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